Let’s create beauty together.

Shake off the monotony of routine.
Take your eyes off your mobile screen.
Look around you. Admire, breathe and smile.
Break the mould. And bring an idea to life.

A forest retreat, weekends at the cottage… Nature restores, inspires and soothes. Getting away to greener surroundings isn’t always easy. Luckily, nature can come to you. A gift from EFFLOR!

Be creative, inspired, connected.


Montreal, October 3
Sherbrooke metro station

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EFFLOR invites you to its grand event ” Let’s create beauty together” on October 3 in Montreal. Stop by the Sherbrooke metro station to admire the display of 1,350 tropical and indoor plants.

The natural beauty of the plants will revitalize the underground space at the city’s Sherbrooke metro station. See you in front of the turnstiles, where we’ll surprise passengers travelling the metro… and give them a reason to smile!

Get a free plant! Starting at noon, EFFLOR will give away plants. Take a selfie with your gift – it’s your turn now to bring colourful, oxygen-boosting beauty to your home. Don’t forget to share the results on Instagram.

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